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250,- (Fokuz)
Dynamic – Modal Lounge LP 1×12″ + 1xCD (M) -full color cover-
A1 Feel The Way You Do
A2 Fade Away
A3 Re-Indulge (Short)
A4 Softly Spoken Night
A5 Manhattan Love Theme
A6 Nighttrain To Montmartre (Short)
B1 Makes My Heart Feel
B2 Cosmic Soirée (Short)
B3 Harlem Remix by Dynamic
B4 Innercity Love Affair (Vocal)
B5 Modal Lounge
B6 Old Brooklyn Thing

240,- (Position Chrome)
Panacea – Anti Funk (Raiden Remix) // Raiden – Pizdets (The Sound Of Tallinn)  (M) -original full color cover-

470,- (Sinuous)
Allied – Arts & Science EP 2×12″ (M) -original full color cover-
A. Humanoid
B. Compulsive
C. Soul Asylum
D. Distopia

240,- (Fokuz)
The Vanguard Project – Identity Crisis EP (M)
A1 Identity Crisis feat Dexcell
A2 Still Together feat Pat Fulgoni
B1 Rise & Fall feat Leo Wood
B2 Remembrance

230,- (Creative Source)
dBridge – Something To Hide / Belief (M) -original cover-

190,- (Uprising)
Bulletproof & Concord Dawn – Whiskey Tango / The Sum Of All Things (M) -original full color cover-

490,- (Program)
Stealth – The Alliance EP 2×12″ (M) -original full color cover-
A. Revival feat Dirty Hertz
B. Everytime feat Xtrah
C. Bulgan feat Stylus
D. The Passenger feat Quaed

230,- (Commercial Suicide)
The Invaderz – New Found Dialect LP 1×12″ + 13xDD Card (M) -original full color cover-
A1 Bonesaw
A2 Addicted feat Dleelah
B1 Double Think
B2 Burning Book

250,- (Samurai)
Clarity – Hell’s Gate feat T Man / Engineering feat Overlook -MARBLED RED VINYL- (M)

220,- (Zero T)
Dwele – I Think I Love You (Zero T Remix) // Slam – Positive Education (Zero T Remix) (M)

390,- (Chronic)
Warehouse Music EP 2×12″ (M)
A. Roni Size – Blind Alley
B. Capone – Ill Be Your
C. Optiv & BTK – At All Costs
D. Serum – Energy

170,- (Gut Records)
Sam Frank – All I Want Is A Good Time (Sabre Vocal Mix) / (Sabre Dogtags Remix) / (Peppers Electro Mix) / original (M) -original full color cover-

180,- (Rawkuts)
DJ Pollen – Sky Sweep / The Seduction (NM) -original full color cover-

280,- (Renegade Hardware)
Teknik, Menace, Dose, Vicious Circle – Mutiny // Gremlinz & Anile – Stnad Alone (MN) -original full color cover-

230,- (Shadow Law)
Nphect – The Unquiet // Mayhem & Nphect – Made In Berlin (M)

540,- (Program)
Encrypted EP 2×12″ + 1xCD (Encrypted Album – Mixed by Stealth) (MN) -original full color cover-
A. Slang Banger – Slaughter House
B. Bladerunner – Old Times
C. Chris Su – URAR
D. Battery – Replicant

370,- (Renegade Hardwrae)
Deadpan EP 2×12″ -white label, original full color cover- (VG+)
A. Gridlok – Deadpan
B. Gremlinz – Frankie Gunns
C. Chris Su – The Peak
D. Cern feat Charlie B – Trinity

290,- (Orgone)
DB & Stakka – Groupies / Turn Me On (VG+)

350,- (Outbreak)
Dylan ‎– Trapped In Beats Vol.4 2×12″ (VG+) -original full color cover-
A. Dylan & Ink – Need You (Amen Mix)
B. Dylan – Intoxication
C. Faith In Chaos – Requiem
D. Dylan – The Lair

120,- (Transmute Recordings)
Latent Notion – Mangetout / Curse Of The Claw (NM)

100,- (Dark Sound Foundation)
VChip aka DSF – Fukd‘ Over / Shifting Sands (VG+)

240,- (Emcee Recordings)
Sabre – Carefree / Open Sesame -white label- (NM)

240,- (Full Force)
Phace & N.Phect – Confront // N.Phect & Dizplay – Brute Force  (VG+) -original full color cover-

220,- (Vandal Records)
Subtone – Lucidity // SKS – Wise Man (M)

390,- (Critical LTD)
Kasra – Perception // Stray – Timbre (NM)

190,- (Trick Disc)
Typecell – Echo Domination / Echo Domination (Chris Su Remix) (VG+)

170,- (Cause 4 Concern)
Cause 4 Concern ‎– Gas Chamber / Groove Madness (VG+)

300,- (Subtitles)
Ulterior Motive & Judda ‎– Infrasonic / Holding On To Never (NM) -original full color cover-

290,- (Trouble On Vinyl)
Sinthetix – Liar / Lockdown

240,- (RAM)
Bad Company – Nomad / Equilibrium (NM) -original cover-

100,- (Celluloid)
Roger Johnson ‎– Modular / Deepmotion -white label- (NM)

100,- (Acetate)
Mack – Runnin Thhangz / Major League -white label- (NM)

100,- (Eastside)
Peshay – Boyz In The Hood // A Sides – Surface (NM) -original cover-

200,- (Project 51)
Gridlok – Labrat / Sludge (M) -original cover-

100,- (Sketrum Audio)
The Instigator – Recognise / Break Out (VG+)

120,- (Syknet)
Skynet – Reincarnate / Glory Boyz (M)

220,- (Recon)
Logical & Prode – El Nino // Cannon Boyz – Paranoid Visions (NM)

220,- (Recon)
Logical & Prode – El Nino (Masheen Remix) // Cannon Boys – The Grinder (NM)

100,- (Abys Records)
Es. Stereo & Hatti Vatti – Kolours EP (M)
A1 Kolours
A2 Forgotten Scores
B1 Maps

600,- (Regal)
Boymerang – Balance Of The Force LP 2×12″ (VG+) -original cover-
A1 Soul Beat Runna
A2 Mind Control
B1 The River VIP
B2 You Like It Like That
C2 Where Its At?
C3 Secret Life
D1 Still
D2 Lazarus

250,- (Inflicted) -raritka-
Accidental Heroes – Haunted // Optimus Prime – Elephant Gun (VG+)

320,- (Tempo)
DJ Trax – Attack Of The 50Ft Amen / 89 ‚Til Infinity / Bring It Back (M) -original full color cover-

Exkluzivně jen u nás, fungl nové raritní české DNB vinyly přímo z výroby:

210,- (Kaktus)
Stonedhigh – Hack // Igraczech – Witch Instinct (M)

210,- (Stoika)
Stonedhigh – Shluk / Damage Done (M)