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150,- (Solid Ground)
DJ Pollen – Catholo / Bloodwood (Moving Fusion Remix) (VG+)

440,- (Samurai)
Trei – Innuendo LP 2×12″ (VG+)
A. Lead Me On feat Thoma sOliver
B. No Vacancy
C. Still Remains feat Lisa Tomlins
D. Sleepless feat Teknik

240,- (RAM)
DC Breaks – Gambino / Burning (NM) -original cover-

230,- (Ninja Tune)
The Qemists feat Jenna G – Hurt Less / Hurt Less (Riskotheque Remix) (NM) -original cover-

370,- (Icrus Audio)
Maztek & Grotesque – Straight To bad (Audio Remix) // Maztek & Don Skey – Renegade (Optiv Remix) (NM) -original cover-

220,- (Dispatch)
DBR UK – Blood Water feat Structured & MC Fokus / Dark Alley (NM) -original cover-

240,- (Modulations)
Judda – Pressure Plate // Krakota & Judda – Rodan (NM) -original cover-

200,- (Obliteranti)
Submerged – Stars Light The End EP 2×12″ (NM) -original cover-
A. Frank Booth feat Dnee
B. Stars The Light The End
C. Gutter feat Corrupt Souls
D1 Last Gasp Of The Shitbat feat Kondo
D2 Gogoplata

320,- (Renegade Hardware)
Keaton – Invisible Man EP 2×12″ (VG) -original cover-
A. The Invisibel Man
B. Betrayal
C. The Plague feat Hive (DJ Trace Remix)
D. Once Again feat Usual Suspects

230,- (Commercial Suicide)
The Invaderz – New Found Dialect LP 1×12″ + 13xDD Card (M) -original full color cover-
A1 Bonesaw
A2 Addicted feat Dleelah
B1 Double Think
B2 Burning Book

370,- (Renegade Hardwrae)
Deadpan EP 2×12″ -white label, original full color cover- (VG+)
A. Gridlok – Deadpan
B. Gremlinz – Frankie Gunns
C. Chris Su – The Peak
D. Cern feat Charlie B – Trinity

220,- (Vandal Records)
Subtone – Lucidity // SKS – Wise Man (M)

160,- (Covert Operations)
Mav – Time & Space / Ghost Rider / Written In The Stars (NM)

240,- (Position Chrome)
Panacea – Anti Funk (Raiden Remix) // Raiden – Pizdets (The Sound Of Tallinn)  (M) -original full color cover-

230,- (Creative Source)
dBridge – Something To Hide / Belief (M) -original cover-

170,- (Gut Records)
Sam Frank – All I Want Is A Good Time (Sabre Vocal Mix) / (Sabre Dogtags Remix) / (Peppers Electro Mix) / original (M) -original full color cover-

180,- (Rawkuts)
DJ Pollen – Sky Sweep / The Seduction (NM) -original full color cover-

540,- (Program)
Encrypted EP 2×12″ + 1xCD (Encrypted Album – Mixed by Stealth) (MN) -original full color cover-
A. Slang Banger – Slaughter House
B. Bladerunner – Old Times
C. Chris Su – URAR
D. Battery – Replicant

240,- (Emcee Recordings)
Sabre – Carefree / Open Sesame -white label- (NM)

190,- (Trick Disc)
Typecell – Echo Domination / Echo Domination (Chris Su Remix) (VG+)

220,- (Recon)
Logical & Prode – El Nino // Cannon Boyz – Paranoid Visions (NM)

220,- (Recon)
Logical & Prode – El Nino (Masheen Remix) // Cannon Boys – The Grinder (NM)

320,- (Tempo)
DJ Trax – Attack Of The 50Ft Amen / 89 ‚Til Infinity / Bring It Back (M) -original full color cover-


M / Deska je nová
NM / Deska je lehce hraná, zánovní stav
VG+ / Deska je hraná, nese známky užívání, velmi dobrý stav
VG / Deska je více hraná, nese větší známky užívání, může se objevit „lupknutí“

Exkluzivně jen u nás, fungl nové raritní české DNB vinyly přímo z výroby:

210,- (Kaktus)
Stonedhigh – Hack // Igraczech – Witch Instinct (M)

210,- (Stoika)
Stonedhigh – Shluk / Damage Done (M)