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Novinky na 29.06.2021 (*červenec / **září)

1150,- (Liquicity Records)*
Escapism 5 3×12″
A1 Technimatic – Lightwave
A2 Maduk & Nymfo – Farore
B1 Andromedik feat Ayah Marar – First To Go (Edlan Remix)
B2 Sektor & Subsequent & V O E – Run From The Sun
B3 Aperio – Metropolis (Seba Remix)
C1 Telomic – Paro
C2 Crash Comet & Dustkey – Berlin
C3 Humanature & Leniz – Querencia
D1 Distant Lover feat Siege Mc – Distant Lover
D2 Slpstrm – A Place Beyond Belief (Monrroe Remix)
D3 Dustkey feat Sinne – Take A Moment
E1 Bert H – Vibechaser
E2 Aperio – Are You And I The Same
F1 Rameses B – Escape
F2 Polaris – Love Letter

380,- (7th Storey Projects)
Flex Luthor – Boiling Point EP
A1 Appreciate
A2 Boiling POint
B1 Echo Chmaber feat Dwarde
B2 Take A Ride

330,- (Bukva Sound)
Response & Buda – Illusions EP
A1 Illusions
A2 Endless Shite
B1 Lies Decent
B2 Distant Flight

320,- (Bear Necesseties / Kniforce)
A-Sides & Nut-E-1 – The Bell / Tonight -REMASTERED-

380,- (Sun & Bass)*
Need For Mirrors – Ultra Violin EP
A1 Ultra Violin
A2 I Dip
B1 Black Culture
B2 Refractory

380,- (Flexout Audio)*
Bredren – Foundations EP
A1 Foundations feat MC Fokus
A2 Hedgehog
B1 Unidentified
B2 Fallen Leaves

375,- (The North Quarter)
Submorphics – Newport Magnetic EP
A1 Submorphics & Satl feat Veda Black – Let It Shine
A2 Submorphics feat Ras Tweed – Guided By Venus
B1 Submorphics feat Phat Kat & Steo – Live With The Pain
B2 Submorphics – Infinite Void

300,- (Spearhead)**
Hitting Targets Since 2005 vol.1
A1 BCee – Back To The Street ft. Philippa Hanna (Nu:Tone Remix)
A2 Mutt – Kush Talk
A3 LSB – Rolling Sideways (SpectraSoul Remix)
B1 Seba – Cold Spring ft. Robert Manos
B2 Technicolour & Komatic – Launch Sequence
B3 Redeyes – Blue Note

300,- (Spearhead)**
Hitting Targets Since 2005 vol.2
A1 LSB – About Tonight
A2 S.P.Y – By Your Side
A3 Riya feat Villem & Mcleod – Lost Friends (Pola & Bryson Remix)
B1 Lenzman – Bright Lights
B2 Bungle – The Siren (Camo & Krooked Remix)
B3 Electrosoul System – Moving In Transit (Bcee & Lomax Remix)

300,- (Spearhead)**
Hitting Targets Since 2005 vol.3
A1 BCee feat David Boomah – Typical Description (Calibre Remix)
A2 Alix Perez – All Alone
A3 Netsky – I Refuse
B1 Riya feat Total Science & Frank H Carter Iii – Confessions (Break Remix)
B2 Technicolour – Winter Rose
B3 LSB – Loop Of Love

300,- (Spearhead)**
Hitting Targets Since 2005 vol.4
A1 Total Science feat Grimm – Another Time
A2 Riya feat Hybrid Minds– Still Remains
A3 Seba – Welcome To Our World
B1 Blue Sonix – Luv Me (Logistics Remix)
B2 LSB – The Hurting (Lenzman Remix)
B3 S.P.Y – Sunship

345,- (V Recordings)*
L-Side – Carnal Mind Remixed
A1 L-Side & Mc Fats – High Times (Break Remix)
A2 L-Side & Drs – No Sound (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)
B1 L-Side – Spellbound (Spirit Remix)
B2 L-Side & Inja – Nightprowler (Alibi Remix)

330,- (Vibez 93)*
Saxon Street EP
A1 Fall Down
A2 Combination
B1 V7 Saxon Street
B2 See Her

390,- (Foxy Jungle)
Law / Wheeler / Mister Shifter – Dreada VIP / Visions of Apparitions

335,- (Fokuz)*
Fokuz All Stars part 5
Phaction – Stratos (Total Science Remix) // Macca & Loz Contreras – Always Yours (S.P.Y. Remix)

335,- (Fokuz)*
Fokuz All Stars part 6
Command Strange – Rock Steady (Lenzman Remix) // Macca & Loz Contreras – Better World (Lenzman Remix)

435,- (Okbron Records)
PFM – For Caron / Bonus Track

350,- (Fokuz)
Bright Horses EP
A1 Bright Horses
A2 Down The Drain
B1 Didn’t I
B2 Sing About Me

350,- (Vibez 93)*
Back To The Classics EP
A1 I Need Your Lovin’ (Dirty ’97 Mix)
A2 Sweet Love
B1 I Got 5 On It
B2 No Diggity

430,- (Lobster vs Globex)
A1 Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Hydraulics
A2 Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 3 B1 (Dj Sports Remix)
B1 Richard Harrow – Aftermath
B2 Merph & Mantissa – Whip

440,- (Metalheadz)
25 Years of Metalheadz – Part 4
Mark System – Wanna Dance / On Top

440,- (Metalheadz)
25 Years of Metalheadz – Part 2
Asylum – Da Bass 2 Dark / Da Bass 2 Dark (Stealth Remix)

460,- (Over Shadow)
DJ Trax – Lost in You / Stronger / Time for Change

460,- (Over Shadow)*
Dom & Roland – Gasoline / Sundown

360,- (Midnight Sun)
Champagne – Trip Tease / Trip Tease (Peshay Remix)

710,- (Samurai)
Tokyo Prose – Presence EP 2×12″ -WHITE MARBLED- -REPRESS-
A. Wont Let Me Go feat Lenzman & Fox
B. See Through Love
C. Sunsets feat LSB & DRS
D. Small Gains

335,- (Vibez 93)
Diggin’ In The Crates EP
A2 Pu It On
B1 Blazin

405,- (Straight Up Breakbeat)
Aeon Four – Tremor EP
A1 Tremor
A2 Reflect Dub
B1 Intercept
B2 Hold Water

340,- (DSCI4)
Spy Technologies 8: Pandemic LP
A1 DJ Trace & Emety – Curfew
A2 Malign – Tearaway
B1 Clearance – Thunderin
B2 J-Kon – War Torn

385,- (Repertoire)
Concealed Identity – The Nightingale Floor EP
A1 Fabian
A2 The Nightingale Floor
B1 Embers Fade
B2 Yugen

790,- (The North Quater) **
Lenzman – A Little White Longer LP 2×12″ -WHITE VINYLS-
A1 Gimmie A Sec feat Danny Sanchez
A2 Yasukuni
B1 Lil Souljah feat Slay
B2 Zusterliefde
C1 Old Times’ Sake
C2 Combo feat Satl
D1 Starlight feat Fox
D2 Down For Whatever (Jubei Remix)

800,- (Northern Front Records)
Response & Pliskin – Exploitation EP 2×12″
A1 Exploitation
A2 Out Of Balance
B1 Gang Member
C1 Nullify
C2 Self Bias
D1 God Ruined Your Life

370,- (The Norh Quater)
FD – A Vision Of Hope EP
A1 Heaven & Earth
A2 Hazmat feat Fox
A3 Vienna Circle
B1 Bully
B2 Here With Me

665,- (Secret Operations)*
Seba & Robert Manos – Evergreen EP 2×12″ -REPRESS-
A. Day Of Revelation
B. Said & Done
C. Evergreen
D. Storm

325,- (Secret Operations)*
Seba – Jungle Music / Cloudless -REPRESS-

370,- (Droogs)
Overlook – Video Nasties // Karim Maas – Dimensions

425,- (Exit)
Sun People – Transitions EP
A1 All Creation
A2 Dark Days
B1 Transitions
B2 To Give

340,- (Dread Records)*
Ray Keith – The Chopper Remixes XXV (Bou Remix / Traumatize VIP)

340,- (Seba & Paradox)
Seba & Paradox – Swirl / Offchord

310,- (Utopia Music)*
Hydro & War – Detroit feat Mateba / Fugue

790,- (Exit)
dBridge – Weak Or No Signal LP 2×12″ -COLOURED VINYLS-
A1 Tear In Vain
A2 Dark Plains
B1 Violent Plains
B2 N0Rm
C1 Hmt13
C2 How I Love You
D1 Things Change
D2 Worst Impulse

730,- (Liquicity Records)
Edlan – Landmarks LP 2×12″
A1 Tantra
A2 Skyfalls feat Smote
A3 Echoes
B1 I Found You feat T.Base & T.R.A.C.
B2 Glacier
B3 Existential
C1 Painted Smiles
C2 Calling On You feat Phil Tangent
C3 Warehouse Tune
D1 Morning Sun
D2 Endless Thoughts About The Past
D3 Landmarks

325,- (DNO Records)
The Untouchables – Culture Clash EP
A1 Audacity
A2 Galactic Noise
B1 Culture Clash
B2 Time Travellers

400,- (Weaponary)
RDG – Maneuver EP
A1 Maneuver
A2 Tesem
B1 The Search
B2 Heshar feat Homemade Weapons

940,- (Inperspective)
Shinken Hanzo – Fate Worlds LP 2×12″
A1 Fate Worlds
A2 Necromancy
A3 Omega Level
B1 5Th Dimension
B2 Tribal Gathering
B3 Spirits Are Gods
C1 Shinobi Hiden
C2 Book Of Soyga
C3 Saturn Seal Of Protection
D1 Reduced To Dust
D2 Taoist Elements
D3 Ancestor
D4 The 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors

335,- (Dispatch Blueprint)
Kid Drama – Impulse (Commix Remix) / Black Widow

330,- (Secret Operations)
Silence Groove – Defined / No Service

670,- (Spearhead)
Moodswings Vol. 3 2×12″
A1 Villem & Mcleod – Siren Feat Leo Wood
A2 Riya – Ripples
A3 Technimatic – Mirror Image (Phaction Remix)
B1 Terror – Into You (Cyantific Remix)
B2 Emba & Bcee feat Philippa Hanna – Galaxy
B3 Tempza – Find Another Way
C1 Villem & Mcleod fea Degs – Crossways (L-Side Remix)
C2 Surve – Seasons
C3 Lenzman – Caught Up (Terror Remix)
D1 Phaction, Hugh Hardie & Riya – Obsession
D2 Emba & DRS – Move Steady
D3 L A.O.S. – We All (The Vanguard Project Remix)

335,- (Fokuz)
Fokuz All Stars Part 1
A1 Phaction – Fantasy
B1 Satl – Forward Thinking (Calibre Remix)
B2 Edlan – Lone Pine (Joan De Bruyn Remix)

335,- (Fokuz)
Fokuz All Stars Part 2
A1 Lenzman – String City (Artifical Inteligence Remix)
A2 Humannature – Whispers (Bert H remix)
B1 Kapser – Departure (Technimatic Remix)

335,- (Fokuz)
Fokuz All Stars Part 3
Seba feat Jenna G – Sweet Magnolia // Seba & Jr Vallo – Second Path

335,- (Fokuz)
Fokuz All Stars Part 4
Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix) // Random Movement – I Stayed Around (Lenzman Remix)

560,- (Keysound Recordings)
Sully – Blue LP 2×12″ -REPRESS-
A1 Solitare
A2 Checkmate
B1 Simple Things
B2 Charms
C1 Blue
C2 Blue (Logos Vapour Dub)
D1 Routine
D2 M141

370,- (Elevate Records)
Friction presents Combinations
A1 By Your Side – Friction X Flowidus X Raphaella
A2 Now Or Never – Friction X Flava D X Charlotte Haining
B1 Seizure – Friction X Bou X Trigga
B2 Your Love – Friction X Kanine

390,- (Dispatch Dubplate)
Loxy, Resound, Skeptical – Dispatch Dubplate 017
A1 Clones
B1 Bono Mania
B2 Alphas

330,- (Dom & Roland Productions)
Mando – Gorilla Waltz / Fuck Wi Mi

330,- (Dom & Roland Productions)
Dom & Roland – The Search for Meaning / Abbott & Costello

315,- (Dope Plates)
Soul Intent – Everything & Nothing
A1 Your Ghost
A2 Deckards Lullaby
B1 Need Your Love feat Acid Lab
B2 Tribal Gathering

600,- (PRSPCT)
Hallucinator – Rejects LP 2×7″ + 1xCD+full album DD
A. Hallucinator feat Coppa – No Regrets
B. Hallucinator feat Julia Marks – Empty Promises
C. Hallucinator – Far Away
D1 Hallucinator – Control VIP

780,- (The North Quarter)
NQ State Of Mind Vol.1 2×12″
A1 Satl – All My Life feat Steo (Tokyo Prose Remix)
A2 Redeyes – Late Night Jam feat Tyler Daley (Lenzman Remix)
B1 Anile – Juno’s Position
B2 Sam Binary – Surface Tension
C1 Submorphics – Daydreaming feat Big Brooklyn Red (Echo Brown Remix)
C2 Zero T & Unitsouled – Slightest Moment
C3 Lenzman – Walk On By (Satl Remix)
D1 Redeyes – Untitled Soul
D2 FD – Top2Bottom VIP

345,- (Crosstown Rebels)
Krust – TEO Remixes 2
A1 It’s A Lot (Calibre Remix)
B1 Only God Can Tell (Lcy Remix)
B2 7 Known Truths (Flynn Remix)

740,- (117 Recordings)
DJ Trace – Retox LP 2×12″
A1 Retox
B1 Ditch
B2 Path
C1 Dark 8
D1 Saboteur
D2 Orc

390,- (CNVX)
Kid Drama – 2010 Again EP
A1 2010 Again
A2 Diazedaze
B1 Pivot
B2 Thoughtcast

370,- (Repertoire)
Necrotype – Trojan Horse EP

360,- (Odysee Recordings)
Andy Odysee – Blueprint / Broken Image / Low-Tech

330,- (Secret Operations)
Seba & Lowqui – Dangerous Liaisons / Impulse Control

330,- (Secret Operations)
Seba feat Robert Manos – Reflect / Reflect (instrumental)

890,- (Secret Operations)
Seba – Identity 3×12″
A. Identity
B. Nothing Can Replace fea. Kirsty Hawkshaw
C. Cant Describe
D. Balance Of Powers
E. Whats Your Fantasy
F. Madness feat Robert Manos

310,- (Fokuz)
Blade – 1995 EP

315,- (Fokuz)
Bcee – Caught In A Trap EP

310,- (Dispatch Blueprints)
Wreckless – Honesty / The Morning

710,- (Peer Pressure)
Facing Jinx – For The Good Of It All LP 2×12″
A1 Dragonfly feat Conduct
A2 Black Valentine feat Sense Mc & Khost
A3 Come Back To Me feat Ewan J Phillips
B1 My Soul feat Farz & Miriella
B2 Fear Of Losing You feat Philth & Formik
B3 Ignorance feat Macc & Lavahi
C1 For The Good Of It All feat Future Bliss & Just Some Guy
C2 Talking Sense feat Dexta & Becca Jane Grey
C3 Save Your Life feat Khost
D1 Remember To Breathe feat Tom James
D2 Here With You feat Wreckless & Alexsia Dee
D3 Give You The World feat Georgia Blackwell

1390,- (Signature)
Calibre – Shelflife 6 LP 4×112″

380,- (Dispatch)
Survival & Script – Dispatch Dubplate 016
A1 Tribe
B1 Folder
B2 Chant (Survival VIP)


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    Vczk Vaczech Bassin
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  • Většinou sháním starší desky a čas od času i něco novějšího. Nikdy nebyl problém, pokaždé jsem se dočkal a i staré desky z druhé ruky vždy ve slušném stavu. Komunikace, cena, dodání no problem.

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  • není jenom vinylshop s novými relasy a pomůckami pro vinylisty, dokáže sehnat i hodně raritní a nedostupné desky. Komunikace je bezproblémová, okamžitá. Ke každé použité desce je uveden její skutečný odpovídající stav a ceny jsou příznivé. Za mě hodnocení 100% 🙂

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