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330,- (Secret Operations)
Seba feat Robert Manos – Reflect / Reflect (instrumental)

315,- (Signature)
Calibre – Falls To You VIP / End Of Meaning

315,- (Signature)
Calibre feat DRS – Whitehorses / Living For

335,- (Critical)
Enei – Voices EP
A1 Voices
A2 Recoil
B1 Fame With Particle feat MC Jakes
B2 Rollin Machine

330,- (Symmetry)
Break & MC GQ – Whispers In My Ear (Break Remix) // Break & Total Science – Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus Remix)

330,- (Guidance)
Tyrone – The Disciple / OG’s

330,- (Shogun Audio)
Technimatic Remixed EP
A1 Bristol (Break Remix)
A2 Parallel feat Zara Kershaw (LSB Remix)
A3 Hold On A While feat Jono Mccleery (Alix Perez Remix)
B1 Trigger Warning (Fracture Remix)
B2 Looking For Diversion feat Lucy Kitchen (Vip Mix)
B3 Night Vision (Vip Mix)

890,- (Secret Operations)
Seba – Identity 3×12″
A. Identity
B. Nothing Can Replace fea. Kirsty Hawkshaw
C. Cant Describe
D. Balance Of Powers
E. Whats Your Fantasy
F. Madness feat Robert Manos

330,- (Transmute)
DJ Trax – Find A Way EP

670,- (Spearhead)
Bcee & Charlotte Haining – Life As We Know It LP 2×12″

380,- (Lobster Theremin)
Coco Bryce – Deep Into The Jungle EP

380,- (Samurai)
Quartz – Snakes EP

1040,- (Hospital)
Voltage – Balance Over Symmetry LP 3×12″

280,- (V Recordings)
Lemon D – Wu Tang (original) / (The Lost Dub Mix)

370,- (7th Story Project)
Sonar’s Ghost – In ‘A Soul EP

310,- (Fokuz)
Blade – 1995 EP

355,- (Crosstown)
Krust – Constructive Ambiguity / Tree Of Life

390,- (Lobster Thermin)
Tim Reaper – Cityscapes EP

350,- (Index Music)
Breakage – India November Delta Echo X-Ray EP

355,- (Melting Pot Records)
Fak Scratch & Mooncat – Ready Or Not // Kursiva & Mooncat – Wissen

670,- (Critical)
Halogenix – Dragon Force EP 2×12″

345,- (Defrostica)
Sinistarr – Everything On Time EP

315,- (Fokuz)
Bcee – Caught In A Trap EP

330,- (The North Quater)
Zero T – Former Self EP

315,- (Dispatch Blueprints)
DLR – You Leave / Intermix

290,- (Integral)
Satl – 4 Lyfe EP

350,- (1985)
Dogger & Mindstate – The Time Is Yours EP

310,- (Dispatch Blueprints)
Wreckless – Honesty / The Morning

710,- (Peer Pressure)
Facing Jinx – For The Good Of It All LP 2×12″
A1 Dragonfly feat Conduct
A2 Black Valentine feat Sense Mc & Khost
A3 Come Back To Me feat Ewan J Phillips
B1 My Soul feat Farz & Miriella
B2 Fear Of Losing You feat Philth & Formik
B3 Ignorance feat Macc & Lavahi
C1 For The Good Of It All feat Future Bliss & Just Some Guy
C2 Talking Sense feat Dexta & Becca Jane Grey
C3 Save Your Life feat Khost
D1 Remember To Breathe feat Tom James
D2 Here With You feat Wreckless & Alexsia Dee
D3 Give You The World feat Georgia Blackwell

670,- (Technical Itch Recordings)
Technical Itch – Find Your Darkness LP – Part 1:3 2×12″
A. Modofied Code
B. Stand Down
C. Find Your Darkness
D. Violent Instinct

380,- (Disptach)
Amoss & Fre4knc feat Swift – Watermark Volume 2

330,- (AGN7 Audio)
Acid Lab – Secret Weapon EP

360,- (The Norh Quater)
FD – Lanta Nights EP

330,- (Symmetry)
Break & Kyo – The Edge Of Time (Workforce Remix) // Break & DLR – City Slickers (Skeptical Remix)

310,- (Integral)
Edlan – Tree Of Life EP

310,- (Integral)
Edlan & Djah – Tree Of Life EP

355,- (Odysee Recordings)
Source Direct – A Different Groove (2020 Remaster / Andy Odysee Remix)

380,- (Samurai)
Samurai Hannya: The VIPs
A1 Homemade Weapons – Omen VIP
A2 Roho – Totemz VIP
B1 Presha & Homemade Weapons – The Claw (Homemade Weapons VIP)
B2 Torn – Dance On The Bones VIP

420,- (Hospital)
Unglued – ZEN EP

430,- (Hospital)
Mitekiss – Objects To Push EP

315,- (Fokuz)
The Vanguard Project – Ducks Life EP

380,- (Samurai HORO)
Pessimist – The Woods / Lead Foot -REPRESS-

350,- (Esoteric Music)
Nucleus & Paradox – Creator / Ease Back

340,- (Paradox Music)
Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru / The Orchid

360,- (Narrative Music)
Blocks & Escher – Mr Parkers Voice / Drum Machine

1390,- (Signature)
Calibre – Shelflife 6 LP 4×112″

310,- (V Recordings)
Krust – Unit 23 / Pentacle

400,- (Dom & Roland)
Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me / Can’t Punish Me (Dubplate Mix)

325,- (Dread Records UK)
Ray Keith – Renegade (T>I Minimal VIP) / Dark Soldier – Dark Soldier (Benny L Remix)

400,- (Prototype)
Digital – Killa Klan 001

320,- (Metalheadz)
Nymfo – Sting Blade EP
A1 Nymfo – Sting Blade
B1 Nymfo & Martyn – What’s Happening?
B2 Nymfo – No Choice

380,- (Dispatch)
Survival & Script – Dispatch Dubplate 016
A1 Tribe
B1 Folder
B2 Chant (Survival VIP)

380,- (Dispatch)
Black Barrel – Dispatch Dubplate 015
A1 Black Barrel & DLR – World To Choose From
B1 Black Barrel & Nymfo – Get Stuck
B2 Black Barrel – When I’ll Be Free

380,- (Dispatch)
Grey Code – Dispatch Dubplate 014
A1 Phase & Grey Code feat DRS – Still Drowning
B1 Phase & Nymfo – Duvel (Grey Code’s Trappist Remix)
B2 Grey Code – Finest Gold (Phase’s Roughest Silver Remix)

300,- (Shogun Audio)
Shuriken vol.4 EP
A1 GLXY feat Ruth Royal – Changed Forever
A2 Pola & Bryson – Running In The Dark
B1 Ed:it & Technimatic – Slate Grey
B2 Monrroe – You Got Me Ft. Alexa Harley

330,- (Warm Communications)
Seba – Shades Of Me & You / Never Let You Go -REPRESS-

690,- (Spearhead)
The Vanguard Project – The Vanguard Project LP 2×12″
A1 Seasons feat Charlotte Haining
A2 Hospitalised
A3 Wicked Man
B1 Everyday Is Stolen feat DRS
B2 The Unknown
B3 Get Up feat Dynamite MC
C1 Elevate feat Leo Wood
C2 D I.T.U
C3 Home feat Phoebe Freya
D1 All This Time feat Charlotte Haining
D2 What U Do
D3 Liberty Feat Yt

990,- (Dom & Roland Productions)
Dom & Roland – Lost In The Moment LP 3×12″
A1 Sandcrawler
A2 Bad Robot
B1 Binary Star
B2 Broken Heart
C1 Zeppelin
C2 Replicate
D1 Hunter
D2 Lost In The Moment
E1 The Expanse
E2 Shunted
F1 Delta
F2 State Of The Art

380,- (Must Make)
Workforce – Late Night Soundtrack Vol.3

990,- (Hospital)
London Elektricity – Building Better Worlds 3×12″
A1 Final View From The Rooftops feat Cydnei B
A2 Build A Better World feat Emer Dineen
A3 Possible Worlds feat Inja
B1 The Prescription Is Love
B2 Lonely Sirens feat Elsa Esmeralda
B3 Kubrick’s View
C1 She Slowly Caught Fire feat Bulgarian Goddess
C2 Time To Think feat Inja & The Secretary-General
D1 I Wish You Could See It Too feat Urbandawn
D2 Empty Seat At The Table feat Whiney
E1 Never Trust A Hippy
E2 Well That’s A Switch
F1 Funkopolis
F2 Don’t Give Up Now feat Bulgarian Goddess

380,- (Sun And Bass)
A Sides – Fours EP

370,- (1985 Music)
Cesco – Angry Waves EP

350,- (Seba & Paradox)
Seba & Paradox – Come Again / Lifeform

770,- (The North Quater)
Submorphics – Kodak Dreams LP 2×12″
A1 Flash Meters
A2 Luminosity
A3 Roseville Funk / Musique Nostalgique
A4 Submorphics – Memories Of You
B1 Submorphics – 12 & Woodward
B2 Submorphics – Daydreaming feat Big Brooklyn Red
B3 Submorphics – The Prize feat T.R.A.C. / Golden Roots
B4 Faded Images
C1 Ithaca Blues
C2 Morning Alarms feat Selfsays / Waverly Place
C3 Find A Reason feat Christina Tamayo
D1 Feel So Blue / Deep Sleeper
D2 Return To The Source
D3 Hot Ish feat Selfsays (Dabrye Remix)

320,- (31 Recordings)
D*Minds – Grenshaw EP

295,- (Spearhead)
Bcee – Sincerely Yours (Whiney Remix) // Villem & Mcleod – Let It Breathe (Phaction Remix)

820,- (Metalheadz)
Adred – Kim LP 2×12″
A1 Adred & Commix – Interface 01
B1 Adred & Dave Owen – 2 Times
B2 Adred & Cory James – Radon Test
C1 Adred – Amenity
D1 Adred & Commix – Recall
D2 Adred & Jamal – Autofacs

365,- (Amar)
Amit – Points In Time / Wake Dub

380,- (Metalheadz)
René Lavice & Future Cut – Nine Strings / Eyes

340,- (Metalheadz)
Grey Code – Helios EP

350,- (Paradox Music)
Paradox – Dirty City / Marxism

350,- (Metalheadz)
Zero T & Beta 2 – Exiles EP

340,- (Metalheadz)
Seba & Paradox – Hexagon / Love Rr Death

300,- (Spearhead)
Bcee & Blu Mar Ten – Grow EP

300,- (31 Records)
DLR – Banana Bread / Busy

930,- (Mthlab)
Current Value – Senex LP 3×12″
A1 Incite
A2 Embedded
A3 E-Machine
A4 Megacity
B1 Afterthought
B2 Hypnosis
B3 Dismantle
C1 In Depth
C2 Entity
C3 Mars
C4 Key Pattern
D1 Friendly Takeover
D2 Access Point
D3 Hit The Wall
E1 Unrest
E2 Chain Walk
E3 Frontier
F1 New Arrival
F2 La La Land
F3 Off Grid
F4 Crystal Ball

660,- (Footnotes)
LSB & DRS – The Blue Hour LP 2×12″
A1 Frozen
A2 Scarred
A3 Faded
A4 High As She
B1 Keep The Time
B2 Azz Arps
B3 Letting Go
B4 Umbrellas
C1 Could Be
C2 I’m Changing
C3 Rise & Fall
D1 Make You Love Me
D2 Like It Used To
D3 Stop The World

890,- (Methlab)
Sentinel LP 3×12″
A1 Zan Lyons – The Mirror Ii
A2 Audeka – Mondus
A3 War – Nadir
B1 Balatron – Machina Puta
B2 Culprate – Beat Down
B3 Subp Yao – Blah
C1 Exept – Collision Detect
C2 Current Value – Isotropy
D1 Disphonia – Careful
D2 Barbarix & Volatile Cycle – Bottle Opener
D3 Grey Code & Submarine – Flamingo Club
E1 Disprove – Override
E2 Missin – Split
E3 Ihr & Merikan – Dead End
F1 Woulg – In Camera

770,- (Repertoire)
Repertoire 10/20 LP 2×12″
A1 Ricky Force – Make It Right (Dead Man’s Chest 94 Raw Remix)
A2 Tim Reaper – Second Chance (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)
B1 Overlook – Misty (Law & Wheeler Remix)
B2 Madcap – Never Be Free (Friske Remix)
C1 David Louis & Stranjah – Lethal (Double-O Remix)
C2 Law & Wheeler – Night Forms (Eusebeia Remix)
D1 Ilk – Return To Swanborough (Au & Jesta Remix)
D2 Artilect – Lost (Soul Intent Remix)

360,- (Narrative Music)
Blocks & Escher – From The Ashes / Gem

360,- (Straight Up)
Fanu – Timetravels / Mystic Woods / Borderline Offensive

640,- (Eatbrain)
Lobotomy Cuts 2 EP 2×12″
A1 State Of Mind – Giant VIP
B1 Jade – Man Eating Lizard Dragon VIP
C1 Pythius & Nuklear – Whiplash
D1 Joe Ford – The End

830,- (Signature)
Calibre – Planet Hearth LP 2×12″
A1 Hills
A2 Colby Park
A3 Eratik
A4 Five Minute Flame
B1 Planet Hearth
B2 Walking In Circles
B3 Sheven
C1 Thought Fields
C2 Error
C3 Waiting For Reason
D1 Chasm
D2 Pine
D3 Down That Road

770,- (Critical)
Kasra – Mécanique EP 2×10″

1250,- (Shogun Audio)
15 Years Of Shogun Audio LP 3×12″
A1 Friction – For This
A2 Document One – Vibration
B1 Kanine – Depth
B2 Monrroe – Never Too Old
B3 Technimatic – Long Way Down
C1 Dj Marky, Pola, Bryson – Into The Blue
C2 GLXY – Gingerbread
D1 Koherent – Mixed Signals
D2 Gerra & Stone – Sprung
D3 Zero T & Phase – Never Loved (Like This)
E1 Skeptical & SP:MC – Smelly Button
E2 Proxima – Limestone
F1 Icicle – Exiled
F2 Joe Ford – Sevens
F3 Rido On My – Own

345,- (Straight Up Breakbeat)
Loxy & Resound – New Age / Stone Cold

320,- (Absys)
Ricky Force – Ecstasy / Firehouse Dub

300,- (Utopia Music)
Mako & Mikal – Under the Earth / Switch It

1000,- (Function)
Shadow LP 3×12″
A1 Calibre & Jet Li – Least Loved
A2 Kiat – Stranger Things
B1 Digital – Dub Conscious
B2 Nomine V Outrage – Born Again
C1 Killjoy – Ghosts Of Old
C2 Digital – Deadline (Need For Mirrors Remix)
D1 Seba & Jr Vallo – Wasabi
D2 Total Science & War – Second Wave
E1 Dj Trace – Spirits
E2 Digital, Spirit, Flava & Dissect – Primal (Resound Remix)
F1 Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Gods Never Die
F2 Klute – Sick Of It All

340,- (1985 Music)
Submarine – Fate EP

840,- (Souped Up)
Current Value – Puer LP 2×12″
A1 Current Value – Starliner
A2 Current Value – Contemplate
A3 Current Value – Dead Out feat T>I
B1 Current Value – Pitting
B2 Current Value – Remorse feat Coppa
B3 Current Value – Motiv
C1 Current Value – Catch Up
C2 Current Value – Vicious Circle
C3 Current Value – Silly Serious
D1 Current Value – Melt feat Serum
D2 Current Value – Call Of The Wild feat Levela
D3 Current Value – AVGR

370,- (Flight Pattern)
Random Movement – Lost On Purpose LP + Album DD Card
A1 Lost On Purpose
A2 Somewhere Back There
B1 Breaking The Mold
B2 Living In A Dream feat T.R.A.C.

325,- (Footnotes)
Anile – No Code EP
A1 Constant Reminder feat DRS
A2 Riggers
B1 No Code
B2 Lost Section

620,- (31 Records)
Bungle – Mutant EP 2×12″
A. Mutant
B. Dictate
C. Enigma
D. Step Two

390,- (Critical)
Halogenix – Velvet EP
A1 Blej
A2 Old Town feat Monty
B1 Velvet
B2 Cliche

720,- (Shogun Audio)
Alix Perez – 1984 LP 2×12″
A1 1984
A2 The Cut Deepens feat Foreign Beggars
A3 Fade Away
B1 Voices
B2 Portraits Of The Unknown (Interlude)
B3 Forsaken feat Peven Everett & Spectrasoul
B4 Intersections feat Ursula Rucker
C1 I’M Free
C2 Calm Of Cast feat Yungun
C3 Myriads
C4 Suffer In Silence feat Zero T
D1 State 808
D2 Contradictions
D3 No Grudge feat Truth & Lynx
D4 Hemlines feat Sabre

345,- (Esoternic Music)
Nucleus & Paradox – Beatbox / Plexus

790,- (Hospital)
Makoto – Tomodachi Sessions LP 3×12″
A1 Illuminate feat Degs
A2 Shine On Through feat Mountain & Karina Ramage
B1 Kosa feat Keeno
B2 The Encounter feat Bop
B3 Miles Ahead feat DJ Marky
C1 Morning Sunrise feat Danny Wheeler, G Force, Blu James
C2 Tokyo 96 feat S.P.Y
C3 Show Me How You Feel feat Lorna King
D1 Dive feat Polaris
D2 Liberta feat Urbandawn
D3 Living For feat Paul T & Edward Oberon
E1 Transparent feat Whiney
E2 Mystic Crystals feat Technimatic
F1 Nexus feat Pola & Bryson
F2 Merch

325,- (Hospital)
Logistics – Waveforms EP
A1 Waveforms
A2 Ancestors
B1 Rhythm Track
B2 Oslo

355,- (Must Nake)
Workforce – Late Night Soundtrack Vol.2

325,- (Guidance)
Tyrone – Severance EP

320,- (Seba / Paradox)
Seba & Paradox – Over Now / Jupiterize

310,- (31 Recordings)
Ray Keith – Jungle Fi Dread / What Time Dread

350,- (Metalheadz)
Black Barrel – Elevate EP

290,- (Innerground)
DJ Marky – Should I / Love Break

320,- (1985 Music)
Monty – Hello EP

300,- (Integral)
Air K & Cephei – All You Know EP

320,- (Paradox Music)
Paradox – Too Dissimilar / Idiosyncrasies

305,- (Fokuz)
Hey Now EP

325,- (Paradox Music)
Paradox – Decagon / Hakai

320,- (Critical)
Kasra, Enei, Bou – Focus On The Love EP

1120,- (Signature)
Calibre – Second Sun LP 4×12″

300,- (Integral)
Zero T & Steo – Can’t Hide / Too Close To See (Monty Remix) / Make Time

330,- (Ozit Vinyl)
DRS – Space Cadet EP

310,- (Fokuz) SUMMER001
Feels Like Summer / Gifted Lovers

325,- (Footnotes)
LSB – Here With Me EP

365,- (Must Make)
Workforce – Late Night Soundtrack Vol.1

315,- (Utopia Music)
Hydro & War – New Territories / Sagarmatha

315,- (Signature)
Calibre – Let Me Hold You / Love’s Too Tight To Mention

640,- (Dispatch)
Dabs – Wormatic LP

325,- (Straight Up Breakbeat)
Fanu – 12-Bit / Drums For Freedom

610,- (Eatbrain)
Lobotomy Cuts EP 2×12″

A1. Signal & Fourward – Aversion
B1. Synergy – Dark Machine
B2. Synergy – Dark Machine II
C1. Gydra – Ikra
D1. L 33 – Mafia


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    Vczk Vaczech Bassin
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