Skrillex – Quest For Fire LP 2×12″


Skrillex – Quest For Fire LP 2×12″ -TRANSLUCENT VINYLS-
A1 Leave Me Like This feat Bobby Raps
A2 Ratata feat Mr. Oizo
A3 Tears feat Sleepnet
A4 Rumble feat Flowdan
B1 Butterflies feat Fourtet
B2 Inhale Exhale feat Aluna And Kito
B3 A Street I Know feat Eli K
B4 Xena feat Nai K.
C1 Too Bizarre (Juked) feat Posij
C2 Hydrate feeat Peekaboo
C3 Warped Tour ’05 feat Pete W
C4 Good Space feat Starrah
D1 Supersonic (My Existence) feat Noisia
D2 Hazel Theme
D3 Still Here (With The Ones That I Came With) feat Bibbi B.

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